Jesmond welcomes 2 new members!

February , 2017

In light of the ever-changing global market challenges and in order to keep moving forward, Jesmond has taken 2017 as a chance to not only enforce its product base but even more importantly, its human resources base.

Jesmond is, after a consolidation phase, investing into supporting the achieved and planned continuous growth. In being able to withstand the challenges that accompany these changes and to be able to achieve our goals, the Jesmond team is proud to welcome two new members to our office in Vienna.

we´re growing!

We welcome both M. Eng. Edyta Adamska & DI Matthias Reismüller, MSc who will both as of February be fully integrated members at Jesmond.


M.Eng Edyta Adamska, born and educated in Poland as well as the UK, will be assisting our Scientific Manager, Dr. Borjana Lubura with product registrations and other Research and Development topics. Edyta has dedicated her profession in focusing on food microbiology, spending a great deal of time working in the UK in laboratories and being in charge of a diverse range of responsibilities within this environment. She has also worked in the same field here in Austria. As Edyta has spent much time in an English speaking country, she has also gained a high level of English knowledge, as well as being able to speak Polish as her mother-tongue, German and a basic level of Portuguese.


DI Matthias Reismüller, MSc, born and educated in Austria as well as in the UK, has spent the majority of his career with Jesmond´s main supplier of goods and services, GAT Microencapsulation. At GAT, he has gained experience in a broad spectrum of areas. His professional background ranges from Research and Development, Registration to business related areas such as Marketing and Sales. As of February, he will be working side-by-side to our Marketing and Sales Director, Mr. Jürg Thöni. Matthias will be heading and leading the Professional Products Unit where he will provide customer services and sales support backed up by his profound technical knowledge and expertise. Matthias is fluent in German and has a very high level of English proficiency and will be the main contact person for this new unit which is based on the Biocides products taken over from GAT Microencapsulation.


We welcome both Edyta and Matthias and hope they feel welcome as Jesmond takes 2017 by storm!