Presenting the Bio Kill micro-fast revolution!

March , 2013

Bio Kill micro-fast is the latest addition to the Bio Kill product portfolio. It is a fast acting insecticide utilized to eradicate and control all life stages of flying and crawling pests. Although mainly intended for inside eradication, it can also be used outside on all surfaces such as on organic, synthetic and wood areas.

Bio Kill micro-fast revels an immediate knock-down and remarkable residual effect for a minimum of 8 weeks, which results in a very economic and an ecological advantage.

The composition of the capsule has been newly designed to allow a well-controlled and time tailored release of active ingredient, combining with a minimum toxicity to warm blooded organisms. Due to micro-fast’s biodegradability, it results in having an excellent toxicological profile.

It presents no risk to human and other non-targeted warm-blooded organisms or to the environment, making it truly environmentally friendly!

Presenting the Bio Kill micro-fast revolution!