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Our ready-to-use, heavy-duty household-outdoor insecticide features two potent agents

a fast knock-down

an encapsulated controlled killing agent

It is designed to be used as a heavy-duty eradication insecticide for humid, hot and other known complicated conditions. It is also effective for terraces, sun panels and outdoor tents.

House hold and industrial areas

The Heavy Duty & Surroundings range offers protection within heavily infested household area and is the ideal product achieving long term protection for applications as a laymen, as well as for professional use in commercial and industrial areas. Here the formulation is based upon the latest microencapsulation technology available which is patented.

New microencapsulation generation

It has, due to this new microencapsulation generation, a controlled and even longer release and residual effect. It features besides the double active ingredient, a UV-protected formulation, and is perfect for hygienic areas as it stays active for longer.

Very effective active ingredient

While we have developed many advantages out of the outdoor-range, the greatest possible advantage to homes and business alike is that the amount of active ingredient is just enough to be effective while also being limited. This means users can effectively spray areas to be treated without worrying about putting people in harm’s way.

Please note; product availability varies depending on country being sold in

This product takes immediate action once sprayed and stays effective for minimal 2 months, making it besides its higher purchase price, a truly economic solution. It is a highly competitive product that has proven to be one of the most sophisticated and safe insecticides incorporating our latest and patented encapsulation technology found on the market.


Very effective against

For more information regarding in which countries/markets you can find our products, please visit the Distributors section of this site!

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