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all climatic conditions

A classic problem with a very effective yet simple solution! Bio/Clean Kill is a world-wide available and under all climatic conditions effective and long lasting formulation. It´s easy to use, human- and warm blooded animals- friendly, and has an environmentally sound design allowing for spot treatments of sensitive areas - making it the perfect household insecticide!

water based formulations

We only use water based formulations and do not support oil based non dangerous aerosol applications. The indoor solution is therefore safe (if used as directed) whilst also being biodegradable, non-staining, non-flammable, and neutral in odour.

Bio Kill/Clean Kill features an incredible balance between mammal safety and broad-spectrum efficacy allowing a care-free living next to your pets by working against all insect pests, whether crawling or flying, such as (eg. Cockroaches, mosquitoes (incl. disease spreading species) flies, fleas, booklice, ants, ticks, weevils, moths, mites, beetles, silverfish, wasps, etc).

Our products are based upon a distinctively proven active ingredient (may vary depending on each country´s regulations) which is encapsulated to increase safety and designed to stay active for weeks. Following the active ingredient leaving the capsule, it depletes completely leaving behind no toxic nor damaging material. Our latest encapsulated formulations are also no longer affected by exterior variables of weather nor organic matter, and therefore, reliable in its effectiveness.

Due to this unique combination of safety, efficacy, and high yield, this supreme quality product is, despite having an elevated shelf price, highly economic in its use and therefore highly competitive.

Please note; product availability varies depending on country being sold in

In-depth laboratory testing and the long-term use of the indoor range (without special security or safety measures) has not revealed any inhalation or skin effects, or other adverse effects. Bio/Clean Kill been successfully used under tropical climates as well as to eradicate, control and prevent infections. It is extremely safe for humans and warm blooded animals.


Very effective against

For more information regarding in which countries/markets you can find our products, please visit the Distributors section of this site!

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