Dong Sung BeFe’s 27th Annual Baby Fair!

February , 2015

Once again our South Korean partners, Dong Sung Pharmaceuticals, exhibited great professionalism and passion for BioKill at BeFe’s 27th annual Baby Fair!

The event is always an excellent opportunity for all parents who are interested in using non-harmful insecticides around their young children and babies. And it certainly was hard for anyone to miss BioKill’s bright yellow catching the attention of all those passing by.

Even our own Managing and Technical directors, Dr. Miguel Gimeno and Mr. Jürg Thöni had the privilege of seeing the fair first hand, and were very impressed with the exhibit. They were even lucky enough to be accompanied by Vice Chairman, Mr. Kim Yun Soo, and Mr. Chung Ho-Won, marketing director at Dong Sung Pharmaceuticals.

We are all very much looking forwards to next year’s show in August where Dong Sung will take over four booths at the fair! Bring on more BioKill, we say!

Dong Sung  BeFe’s 27th Annual Baby Fair!