July , 2018

We are very happy to announce that Clean Kill is now available in Austria at the DM Online shop! Best to have Clean Kill at home, ‘cause summer is coming. Apply to prevent or if it’s too late and the creepy crawling or flying buggers are in the house already to get rid of them. 😊 You can order Clean Kill under following link: https://www.meindm.at/haushalt/shop/Dünger-%26-Insektenschutz/Ameisen/keine-Marke/Clean-Kill-Original-Insektenspray-für-den-Innenbereich/183982/2_10037706.action Also very important: If you like the product (and you will 😉) please give a good valuation of the product online. Thanks for your support!

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June , 2018

4Ocean does a great work in removing trash from coastlines and the ocean worldwide. Jesmond supports this movement and our team is proudly wearing the 4Ocean bracelet to show our commitment and to raise awareness. Together we can make a great impact. Keep up the good work 4Ocean! www.4ocean.com

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Davaus Industries Ltd official Pest Controller

June , 2018

Our Partner Davaus Industries Ltd in Nigeria is now an approved and certified Pest Control Company. Congratulations and all the best for your business! FEDERAL MINISTRY OF ENV. 1 FEDERAL MINISTRY OF ENV. 2  

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F.Lima Supplier Assessment 2017

June , 2018

We open our new page with great news! Our Portuguese partner F.Lima implemented an intern Supplier Assessment for 2017 and ranked Jesmond with 100% satisfaction. Thank you very much! We are glad to work with you on such a professional level.

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New Way Of Promoting Bio Kill

January , 2018

Bioveta promotes BioKill in Pet Shops against fleas: Their approach is to sell it as a duo packet with a one drop product. The idea is to explain that the treatment on the animal resolves only 20% of the problem and needs to be reinforced by applying BioKill around and on the area where the pet is sleeping. Like this the problem is not only better under control but also has a preventive character. Open file here: Flyer Bioveta BioKill

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BiocidesHub Certificates for our Employees!

November , 2017

Jesmond is very proud to have such diligent and committed employees! Mrs. Dr. Borjana Lubura and Mrs. M. Eng. Edyta Adamska have attended a seminar in Brussels, Belgium, to learn more about Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment. Both completed the training and got an impressive certificate for participate the “Risk Assessment for Biocides”. Thanks Borjana and Edyta for your dedication!

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More diseases are spread through insects all over the world

October , 2017

More and more diseases are spread through insects all over the world. Mosquito species appear in countries they never been sighted before. It, therefore, gets more critical to protect us against this plague every day by switching to preventive insecticides such as Bio Kill and Clean Kill. ProMED-mail provides the most significant information for you on a daily basis which and where diseases emerge on the globe. https://www.promedmail.org/ It’s not a question any longer that these diseases and virus carrying mosquitoes will move into Europe, the only question remaining is when it reaches your very own home!

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Sustainable Development Driving Business Article

July , 2017

The US Pest Control Technology – PCT Magazine has published an article, which emphasizes the increasing importance of sustainability of pest control products and its drive in leading businesses to success. “Products with reduced levels of active ingredient top the “wish list” of pest management professionals…” is stated in the article. Jesmond is pleased and proud that this article reflects our vision of protecting the environment and sustainability. Based on our microencapsulation technology, just as much active ingredient to solve insect pest problems is released, but no more than this. To read this interesting article click the following link: Sustainable Development Driving […]

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Agrochemical Press release

July , 2017

Jesmond is pleased to share the latest publication on micro-encapsulation technology written by Jesmond´s technical Department, Dr.Miguel Gimeno and Dr. Borjana Lubura. The informative report was published in the magazine Agrochemicals. To read the document, click on the following link: Agrochemicals    

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Hungarian BioKill TV Spot !

June , 2017

Check out our Hungarian partner, Multi G´s TV spot! For more information on Multi G and their distribution of Bio Kill, visit their website: www.biokill.hu

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New Clean Kill Blending and Filling plant opened in Nigeria!

March , 2017

After much anticipation we are pleased to announce that our Nigerian partners, the Davaus Group, have opened a blending and filling plant for Clean Kill and have started with production! We are extremely excited for what the future of Clean Kill in Nigeria will bring and congratulate the Davaus Group on their achievements. We would also like to thank Enpro RSA  for their hands-on technical and know-how support!

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Jesmond welcomes 2 new members!

February , 2017

In light of the ever-changing global market challenges and in order to keep moving forward, Jesmond has taken 2017 as a chance to not only enforce its product base but even more importantly, its human resources base. Jesmond is, after a consolidation phase, investing into supporting the achieved and planned continuous growth. In being able to withstand the challenges that accompany these changes and to be able to achieve our goals, the Jesmond team is proud to welcome two new members to our office in Vienna. We welcome both M. Eng. Edyta Adamska & DI Matthias Reismüller, MSc who will […]

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The 28th BeFe BABYFAIR in South Korea

September , 2015

Our well-respected partners in South Korea, Dong Sung Pharmaceuticals, have once again worked hard to accomplish the second Baby Fair stand at the BeFe fair this year. We are only too happy to receive impressions from the day from Dong Sung’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Kim Yun Soo.

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Where’s the Cat?

August , 2015

We are blow away by the handwritten letter received by Efekto, our partners in South Africa, written by gentleman complaining about the removal of the cat from out BIO KILL Pet Care product.

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BioKill Extra GT wins PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015 in Portugal!

March , 2015

F.Lima S.A has received the award ”Product of the Year” for BioKill Extra GT!

Consumers from various regions of Portugal were asked to participate in a survey conducted in 2014. Now in March 2015, results are in and BioKill Extra GT has been announced as the winner!

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Dong Sung BeFe’s 27th Annual Baby Fair!

February , 2015

Once again our South Korean partners, Dong Sung Pharmaceuticals, exhibited great professionalism and passion for BioKill at BeFe’s 27th annual Baby Fair!

The event is always an excellent opportunity for all parents who are interested in using non-harmful insecticides around their young children and babies. And it certainly was hard for anyone to miss BioKill’s bright yellow catching the attention of all those passing by.

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NAFDAC approval in Nigeria: Done!

September , 2014

Approved register! Yes that’s right! The National Agency for Foods, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) registration in Nigeria has finally come through! We are stoked by this achievement as it is by far the most challenging step within the process of registering products in a new country.

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The beginning of Production in Iran

July , 2014

We are pleased to announce that Iran’s first BioKill filing line has now been set up. This marks the beginning of BioKill production in Iran – and what better way to begin other than with an inauguration that took place in June this year.

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Electric news from BioCycle!

October , 2013

Being the first SME Company to have the first electro-mobile commissioned in the area of Sai Kung, here you can see an image of the vibrant automobile our partners in Hong Kong have sent us! Way-to-go!

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Baby Fair in Korea!

September , 2013

Dong Sung Bio Pharm. Co., Ltd., our long standing Korean partner, has marketed BioKill with great successes over the years, one of the most recent we are pleased to be able to share with you!
Mr. Kim Yun Soo, Vice Chairman of Dong Sung, wrote: “It is our pleasure to send you pictures of Bio Kill from the Baby Fair Dong Sung participated in. It is one of the biggest fairs for babies in Korea. Many expecting parents and nursing mothers were gathered from all over Korea for the three day event and showed a big interest in Bio Kill and what is had to offer.”

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Bio Kill goes to Bad Erlach!

May , 2013

After so many months of preparation, it´s all over!…. BUT … what a success! Taking place at the Linsberg Asia Therme in Lower Austria, Jesmond had the pleasure to witness our partners from so many different parts of the world including Asia, Africa, North America, and all over Europe, interacting all together at one event.

Thank you to all for your participants and for the great feedback we have received following the three-day-event. From our side we also heard many enjoyed the trip and, well, the spa wasn’t bad either for some relaxation after a hard-day´s work!

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Presenting the Bio Kill micro-fast revolution!

March , 2013

Bio Kill micro-fast is the latest addition to the Bio Kill product portfolio. It is a fast acting insecticide utilized to eradicate and control all life stages of flying and crawling pests. Although mainly intended for inside eradication, it can also be used outside on all surfaces such as on organic, synthetic and wood areas.

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Bio Kill goes CNN

October , 2012

We are proud to present this news coverage from our long-standing partners in Hong-Kong reported by News channel CNN. Apart from distributing a wide-range of Bio Kill products within their market, BioCycle additionally offers both domestic and commercial locations a chance for a pest-free environment with their successful PCO pest-control business.

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